Cave Studios provides a wide range of video services catered specifically for the corporate industry. Depending on your needs these services are available either individually or as a package. Below is a list of the most common services we provide. Of course if there is something you require that you can't see below simply give us a call, if it's a corporate video production service then we will definitely be able to help. 

  • Estimates (Quoting)
  • Site inspection
  • Council permits
  • Location sourcing
  • Script writing
  • Talent casting - presenters, actors and voice over
  • Talent management negotiations
  • Still photography
  • High Definition videography
  • Time lapse photography
  • Aerial videography - helicopter
  • Aerial videography - drone
  • Green screen filming - in studio 
  • Green screen filming - on location
  • Gaffa (lighting) - studio / location
  • Grip (camera motion) - including cranes, jibs and dolly's
Post Production.png
  • Video editing - traditional High Definition
  • Video editing - shopping centre Vertical Screens
  • Motion graphics
  • 3D modelling
  • Music search
  • Voice over recording
  • Sound mixing

We can output your final product to virtually every computer video format available. Below is a list of the most commonly used video files. 

  • .MOV - Quicktime
  • .MP4 - Quicktime
  • .WMV - Windows Media Video
  • .AVI - Audio Video Interleave
  • .FLV - Flash Video

Video formats are continually changing both in the domestic and the broadcast areas. There have been a  multitude of video tape formats over the years not to mention the new video computer file formats we now have to contest with. Although many of the formats are no longer used, sometimes the sound and pictures captured on these formats are still needed, especially for historical purposes. We can arrange the transfer of any video tape format to a digital file that can then be used for editing or to be transferred to a computer video file such as Quicktime or Window Media Video.

Cave Studios stores ALL video components including video files, voice over files, still images, and music files on our computer servers for your use in future videos and for archival purposes.